Iron Palm is one of the advanced Martial styles (the other being Viper) that the player can master if they collect three scrolls detailing various aspects of this style. The style itself consists of slow, powerful strikes. The strikes are more balanced than White Demon, being a little weaker and a bit faster. The style works well for those who like high power, but want to retain some speed.

Obtaining StyleEdit

If you have the PC version of Jade Empire, you can acquire this style by obtaining the following meditation doctrines: Iron Palm - The Anvil, Iron Palm - The Forge and Iron Palm - The Fire.

The Anvil Edit

The Forge Edit

The Fire Edit

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Practitioners of Iron Palm throw their entire body into each blow, mixing open-handed strikes with powerful, driving assaults. A low stance ensures that each blow directs momentum from the user's entire body to hit with the force of a sledgehammer. This mixture of power, balance, and brute strength demolishes individual opponents as easily as it scatters groups.


This style can complete a Harmonic Combo.

It is not possible to obtain both the Iron Palm style and the Viper as the second scroll of each style is obtained by mutually exclusive conversation options in the Pirate lair area in Chapter 2. See quest Yifong and Fuyao. Iron Palm is associated with the Open Palm choice, whereas Viper is associated with the Closed Fist choice.