The Imperial Palace is the seat of government in the Jade Empire and residence of the Emperor. A massive structure of bronze, the Imperial Palace floats above the precise astrological center of the Jade Empire. Passed down from dynasty to dynasty since the time of the first Emperor, Sagacious Tien, the palace hovers above a broad preserve of the richest lands of the Jade Empire.

In the past two decades, Emperor Sun Hai has made the first change to the palace in generations, modifying it so that sculptures of four mighty dragons pour an endless fall of water to the lands below. A never ending torrent of water continues to flow from the Imperial Palace day and night, spilling onto the ground far below as a tribute to Emperor Sun Hai bringing water back to the land.

The Imperial Palace is where Princess Sun Lian learns that her father Sun Hai has known all along that the Water Dragon's death is stopping the dead from reaching the underworld but is mad with power.

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