The Imperial City is the capital of the Jade Empire, its economic, cultural and political heart. The Imperial Palace floats above the city, pouring water in tribute to the Emperor Sun Hai's triumph over the Long Drought. It is the largest and grandest city in the Empire, a monument to its glory, and to that of the Emperor.

Black Leopard SchoolEdit

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The Black Leopard School is the premiere martial arts dojo in the Imperial City.

Golden WayEdit

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The Golden Way houses the Imperial City's rich and noble families. Artists, musicians, and performers can be found here working to amuse visiting dignitaries or nobility.

Imperial ArenaEdit

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The Imperial Arena is home to some of the finest fighters in the Jade Empire. They test their skill and courage in front of screaming crowds.

Market DistrictEdit

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The Market District is the heart of the city's economy and, indeed the economy of the empire.

Scholar's Garden Edit

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The Scholar's Garden is the source of many of the cultural and philosophical advancements of the Empire. The scholars and philosophers spread their knowledge and debate great questions.

The NecropolisEdit

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The Necropolis is the resting place for the Imperial City's honored dead, including nobles, sages, and even Emperors.

Imperial PalaceEdit

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The Imperial Palace is the personal residence of the Emperor. Literally floating above the city, it is well-guarded and staffed by many servants.