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The Horselords were an army led by the warlord Zeng Sai that attacked the Jade Empire long ago. Zeng Sai and his Horselords were defeated by Imperial Army with the aid of Spirit Monks. What remains of the Horselords now reside in their arid lands north of the Seat of Heaven Province where currently they hold an uneasy truce with the Jade Empire.

"Unlike the ordered armies of the Jade Empire, the Horselords favor lightly armored units of horseman, who can move rapidly over the field of battle. Moving like a rushing tide, small groups of horseman harry all angles of their opponent's flanks. Armed with bows, almost to a man, these mounted archers can rain destruction upon unprepare andd foes. While the Horselord tactics are surprisingly effective, their men lack the discipline of the Imperial Army; for all the damage they can inflict the horseland forces have difficulty holding strategic locations. For now, the Jade Empire exists in an uneasy peace with the Horselords, leaving the savages to their arid lands north of the Seat of Heaven Province."
Horse Lord Tactics, bookstand found in the Boathouse of Tien's Landing.

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