harmonic combo is a martial arts skill the Player, the last Spirit Monk can utilize in combat. According to the scrollstand that speaks on the subject, Sagacious Tien was an advocate of the combination as used in combat.

The Spirit Monk doesn't receive formal tutoring in the Harmonic Combo until they reach the town of Tien's Landing and speak with Jian the Iron Fist

To use a Harmonic Combo, the player character must use the Power Attack (generally used for most styles) or Area Attack (e.g., Hidden Fist or Storm Dragon) of a specific support style or magic style and switch quickly to the Power Attack of any martial style. If the enemy can be affected by harmonic combos (not all can), a green circle will appear around them. This green circle counts down the time you have until to hit them with the follow-up martial power attack for the harmonic combo to still be effective. The resultant explosion is highly damaging, and defeated enemies often leave behind a power-up.


  • In the PC Version of the game, a scrollstand Harmonic Combinations discusses the execution and uses of harmonic combos.


Jade Empire White Demon Harmonic Combo
Jade Empire White Demon Harmonic Combo
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