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Weapon Master Gujin is a resident of Two Rivers and can speak Tho Fan. He sometimes assists with the training of students, but says that he does not truly have any major role and that Master Li is the one who really does the work. According to Old Ming, Gujin is probably the most popular person in the village, since he frequently helps others out.

Before coming to Two Rivers, Gujin was a guard in Broken Path, a small mining town in the Hills of the Six Holy Scrolls province. He left after the town was attacked by ghosts from the west. Gujin approves of Master Li's leadership, saying that it is the thing he considers best about Two Rivers.

The weapons master offers the Player one of two weapons, Fortune's Favorite, the longsword and Golden Star, the staff.

It is unknown what happened to him after the attack on Two Rivers at the end of Chapter 1, thought he was most likely killed like most of people of Two Rivers.