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"In the past, if a trainer was too good, Shin had that trainer killed to keep Gang weak. I think one member of his entourage is a full Lotus Assassin. I have survived by appearing unimportant, and staying out of the fight between Gang and Shin".
–Acolyte Trainer Guang

Acolyte Trainer Guang was a Lotus Assassin in-training and one of Master Gang's acolytes. As trainer, she was in charge of training Gang's acolytes as well as the Attendants in Master Shin's personal entourage. She was aware that if she appeared too skilled one of Master Shin's undercover Lotus Assassins would have her killed. Guang remained alive by appearing mediocre and staying out of Master Gang and Master Shin's power plays.

"We are all here for one reason.... We are killers, plain and simple. There are no Lotus Assassins with hearts of gold".
–Acolyte Trainer Guang

Acolyte Trainer Guang was originally a fighter in the Imperial Arena and caught the eye of a recruiter. She felt her only skill was combat or killing and felt the Imperial Army was too strict and the Arena too tame.


Guang sold four new techniques as well as some essence gems. Prices are in parentheses.

Encounters with a Spirit Monk[]

"Well, you would appear to have more than a passing knowledge of combat. I could almost see some kind of flaw, but I was clearly outclassed".
"Yes, you were! I knew this acolyte was something special, but I didn't think my trainer would be made to look like a fool!"
–Acolyte Trainer Guang and Master Gang

As the Player was Master Gang's newest acolyte, Acolyte Trainer Gaung fought him/her to assess the Player's abilities. Gaung was easily defeated and because of her failure Master Gang promoted the Player to be the new trainer. Gang assigned Acolyte Trainer Guang to assist the Player and Guang outlined the Player's new duties and offered new techniques.

Acolyte Trainer Guang, because she did not like being a trainer, held no grudge against the Player for taking her position.