"Some sort of disease affects this place, but it can't be natural. It's as if the trees have deliberately grown together to snarl the paths".

Sagacious Zu

Located just North of the small fishing town of Tien's Landing, the road through the Great Southern Forest is the only land route connecting the town with the rest of the Jade Empire, but due to the strange sickness that pollutes both trees and wildlife, only the forest entrance is accessible by foot. The land legally belongs to the Yun family, and has done so many generations, but the current Lord Yun is at a loss as to how to mend the illness afflicting his forest.

Players are required to visit the Great Southern Forest during chapter 2 and to complete a quest called The Sickened Forest. This is necessary to obtain the help of Lord Yun, who possesses a wind map that the player needs in order to reach the Imperial City.


Region Great Southern Forest
Region Great Southern Forest
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