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"We keep the golem press functioning. Without us, the machines could not keep up the ambitious pace that Grand Inquisitor Jia has set."
"It takes two minds, two pairs of hands to control the inner structures of the press. You fools just see the controls. Inside the machines, it is impossibly complex."
–Mold Master Gi and Mold Master Soto

Mold Master Gi, found with Mold Master Soto, is a golem press worker who has finshed his work for the day and is speaking with Soto in the hallway. Unfortunately for Gi and Soto, the Player needs to clear out the Hall of Induction in order to kill Master Shin.

There are two ways to get Gi to leave.

The Open Palm method: Ask Gi and Soto what could cause the Golem Press to malfunction. Then you need to obtain Phoenix Oil from merchant Kia Jong. Next you go to the Golem Press and add the Phoenix Oil to the machine. Lastly, inform Gi and Soto of the problem and they will rush to the Golem Press to fix the machine, thus vacating the Hall of Induction.

The Closed Fist method: Simply provoke Gi and Soto to attack you and then kill them both.