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"His name is Gao the Greater, and he built a fortune out of some ragged thieves and slave traders".
–Gao the Lesser

Gao the Greater is an advesary of the protoganist and a mini-boss. He is a pirate, slave trader, a Lotus Assassins enforcer and as later revealed in the Imperial Arena, an elite member of the Guild. He is known to be hot headed, like his son and contributed to the latter's personality and questionable training.

The First Encounter

He is first encountered in a brief cut-scene in the Lower Pirate Island, when the Player overhears his conversation with Inquisitor Lim and Grand Inquisitor Jia. It is revealed in the Lower Pirate Island that it was Gao the Lesser, who had alerted the Lotus Assassins of Master Li's true identity and Gao the Greater's men were involved in the destruction of the Two Rivers School and village. Gao the Greater is informed by a much jubiliant Inquisitor Lim, of the death of his son, forcing Gao to go into mourning.

He is finally encountered as an adversary and mini-boss, in the last fight on Lower Pirate Island.

The Battle

Gao the Greater using Dire Flame

Gao the Greater is a tough opponent. He has large amount of Body, moves quickly, and sometimes uses blocks and area attacks. But mostly will use ranged attacks of Dire Flame (see magic styles). He will also be accompanied by three pirates (see Note), who will try to engage the player in melee, while Gao the Greater showers the protagonist with fireballs. Added to this is the small area of combat, which allows the pirates to close-in more often than desired.


The best way to beat him is to use a lot of area attack and evasive tactics. As Dire Flame is not a very fast attack, evasion is not too difficult. One can also jump out of the line of fire when a Dire Flame power attack is being charged, which takes a long time, and jump back in to score some quick hits on Gao. Focus mode combat (see Combat in PC) can also be used at this time to break any blocks that Gao may put up and land a few extra blows. Any good weapon style may also be employed but usually martial styles should suffice.


If the Player completes the Lower Pirate Island quest last in the Tien's Landing main quest, Gao the Greater will be accompanied in this fight with Inquisitor Lim, another mini-boss. It is recommended that the Lower Pirate Island be finished as the first or second quest to avoid both the mini-bosses teaming up.