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Fox Spirit preparing to attack

"The fox spirits are among the most wily and deceptive of all the minions of heaven. They think nothing of playing games with mortals, and they often follow no rules at all. Though some are said to serve honorably in the Celestial Bureaucracy, many more have made their mark in more sinister ways. Tales of demons snatching children from their beds, husbands and wives led astray, and good men led into lives of excess and murderous depravity are all the work of these spirits. Never, should you value your life, trust one of this breed completely, no matter how honorable their intentions seem."
The Tricksters, scroll stand in the Pilgrim's Rest Inn

Fox Spirits are mischievous and powerful spirits in the Jade Empire. They typically test the spirit of mankind, earning them the nickname "tricksters", and may guard pieces of heaven or work as servants for a more powerful fox spirit. All fox spirits encountered by the player are female, leaving the existence of male fox spirits a mystery. They are taller than the average man, with wrapped wrists and hands. Their fur color ranges from red, tan and silver. They are extremely capable in battle, able to fend off demons with their bare hands. Some foxes may possess magic that turns their opponents into stone. They always seem to speak in the Old Tongue.

Notable Fox Spirits[]

Example of a Fox's Trick[]

"Suppose you were a young noble who has just inherited a fortune. [A fox spirit] might approach you as a wizened sage and ask for aid in studying an ancient artifact. Your response would determine the reaction."
–Forest Shadow

Possible Response 1[]

  • Give the sage some funds and demand results.
  • In a fox's eyes, this response would be considered proper as the "sage's" need was balanced with the noble's wealth, but by demanding results the wealth was not spent foolishly. The fox spirit would reward the noble, possibly by giving the noble a genuine artifact or sharing what she had "learned" from the artifact.

Possible Response 2[]

  • Give the sage as much money as she needed.
  • Many who believe they are dealing with fox spirits expect generosity to be rewarded, but to a fox this is foolish. Giving without temperance encourages liars, swindlers, and thieves. To teach the noble a lesson, the "sage" would have taken all the noble had.

Possible Response 3[]

  • Turn the sage away.
  • Because the noble had more wealth than he/she could possibly need and yet refused to assist the "sage", the fox spirit would cause the noble to suffer in some way.


Immune to support styles.