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Fountain of Dirge

"For a mortal, blood is life. A sacrifice of blood can have great power, even over the gods".
Abbot Song

The fountains of Dirge were two fountains located in the inner and outer courtyards of the Temple of Dirge. They were one of the sources of the Water Dragon's power and as such they were protected by the Spirit Monks. If the fountains were tainted with human blood, the seals on the fountains were shatter and thus weaken the Water Dragon. Removing the seal would have the same effect.

If the fountains were defiled, they could be restored by removing the blood and replacing their seals.

Siege of Dirge[]

"The immortal purity of the Water Dragon was befouled by human blood spilled in her fountains. Her power was tainted, allowing the Emperor, a mortal, to seize it as his own."
–Abbot Song

Before Emperor Sun Hai and his brothers launched a siege against the Temple of Dirge, Sun Li contacted several Spirit Monks. He bribed them with wealth and power to taint the fountains with blood. Several monks succumbed to his offer, one of these being Xian Wu. The tainted fountains weakened Dirge and the Water Dragon, allowing the Imperial Army to infiltrate the temple.

After the siege was complete, to each fountain was bound a spirit guardian via the Ritual of Binding. Xian Wu was the guardian of the outer courtyard fountain after being executed and bound by Sun Hai. The second guardian was unknown, but most likely another betrayer.

Restoration of the Fountains[]

Twenty years after the siege of Dirge, the blood had washed away from the fountains but their seals were no longer in tact. The Player, with the help of Abbot Song, restored the fountains by retrieving and replacing their seals.