Jade Empire Wiki

Focus shrines are places of meditation where Focus may be replenished. The shrine glows with a yellow color that matches the color of the focus bar and the color of the Y button.gif button.

Known locations

  • Two Rivers School by the School Gate
  • Two Rivers in Gujin's Store
  • Swamp Cave in the chamber by the collapsed tunnel
  • Great Southern Forest in the Forest Shadow Temple
  • Heaven just after crossing the first bridge
  • Lower Pirate Island on the first platform where seven pirates confront the player
  • Pirate Workshop in the room adjacent to the main chamber
  • Scholars' Garden on the second platform from the entrance
  • Imperial Arena up the main stairs to the right of the door
  • Necropolis in the last chamber of the Tomb of the Dignified Collector
  • Lotus Assassin Fortress at the end of the balcony in the entrance hall
  • Imperial Palace (2) on either side of the second room, beyond the landing site
  • Throne Room (2) in the corridor leading up to the Throne Room, just beyond the confrontation with two Imperial Soldiers; on the left-hand side of the middle platform
  • Dirge [Inner Courtyard]: left of the fountain, and left again along the path