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Elephant Demons are large and intimidating demons that are often called as guardians for a person or place. Even though they have a surly nature, they are loyal and tenacious. Similar to Ogres, elephant demons are slow but very strong. They vary in size, some being comparable in height to humans, while others are as tall as real elephants.

In Game

In combat, the elephant demon is a formidable and enduring opponent, surpassed among common enemies (in terms of sheer toughness) only by the Clay Golem and Jade Golem. It uses powerful melee attacks, powered melee attacks and Stone Immortal area attacks. It will also resist stone immortal magic attacks against it. It is, thankfully, encountered infrequently, though whenever encountered it is sure to be one of the most dangerous foes to contend with. Some of the ways to combat it include using a good weapon style, like Mirabelle or Staffs(weapon styles) for added reach or the standard jump/evade tactics with Martial styles (although using this tactic, one may still take damage, as the Elephant Demon is hardly as sluggish as it may seem). Transformation styles, like the Jade Golem, are also an effective way to deal with the elephant demon quickly.

The elephant demon style is not included in the game. However, they may be included as transformation styles if a certain mod is used.

The Player first encounters an elephant demon during the two main Tien's Landing questlines: in the Great Southern Forest questline, an elephant demon named Shining Tusk serves as a guardian for Forest Shadow; the Player only fights Shining Tusk if following a Closed fist character. In the pirate's base, another elephant demon named Xianxi is encountered guarding a treasure chamber belonging to Gao the Greater. The Player also fights elephant demon in Imperial Arena and stone version of elephant demon in the Imperial Palace summond by Player former master now new Emperor Sun Li.


Immune to support styles, magic styles, and Spirit Thief.


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