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"Peace and harmony are wonderful ideals, but in nature only the strong survive, and they don't do it by being peaceful!"

–Scholar Dongow

Scholar Dongow was a scholar who stood just outside of the Scholar's Garden preparing for a lecture on the formation of clouds. He had many other theories of this nature.

Scholar Dongow mistrusted philosophers, as he felt their adherence to traditions made it difficult for them to understand new theories. He also felt their belief in harmony was not supported by the natural world, stating that people had to kill other creatures to survive.

Theories of the Natural World[]

Dongow mentioned three theories he developed to the player, but only outlined two of them.

Cloud Formation[]

After lengthy study, Scholar Dongow deduced that clouds were formed by the moisture escaping from human bodies. He observed that, in cold weather, small clouds escaped from people's mouths and that similar clouds formed on the skin of people who worked strenuously. Dongow reasoned that those clouds rose up and collect near the tallest mountain peaks, as it was almost always cloudy there. He felt this was one of his finest discoveries.

Changing of the Winds[]

Scholar Dongow discovered birds controlled the weather after noticing that the movement of birds predicted the seasons. He theorized that the massive movements of birds in the autumn and spring caused the prevailing winds to change directions. When the birds flew south before autumn, they caused the winds to change and thus the Empire received cold air from the north until spring, when the birds reversed the winds again.

Formation of Ice Crystals[]

Dongow mentioned his theories on the formation of ice crystals, but did not explain them to the Player.

Hidden Associates[]

"Nobody here suspects me to be anything but an overzealous scholar, and I'd like to keep it that way".
–Scholar Dongow, when questioned about the Inquisitor Recruiter

Through Scholar Dongow, the Player could contact the Lotus Assassin Inquisitor Recruiter. Upon speaking with him, Dongow told the Player to meet the Inquisitor at the flyer docks.


  • Scholar Dongow shares the same character model as Prefect Jitong.
  • Because of this, he is also in dire need of hat advice from Sung Sui.
  • Also, his robe is identical to those worn by Purveyor Shouji, Scholar Songtao and (of course) Prefect Jitong.