Dong Ping is a farmer, who is assisted on his farm by an Ogre, Zhong the Ox Carrier.


Dong Ping can be found in the Teahouse, located on the upper floors, not far away from Zhong, who is standing in a corner, unwilling to return to the farm. If the Player approaches Dong Ping, he will inform them that there was an accident at the farm, in which Zhong caused the death of one of the oxen on the farm. Dong Ping pleads with the Player to reason with the Zhong, as he is unable to continue working at the farm without the assistance of his worker.

If the Player chooses to assist him, then they will need to pass a conversation check in order to persuade Zhong to return to the farm. Of course, if the Player follows the Way of the Closed Fist, they may simply end Zhong's life, thus causing Dong Ping a great deal of harm, as his income comes from his farm and without Zhong, he will not be able to support himself.


Depending on the choice of the Player, Dong Ping will either return to his farm along with Zhong or he killed and Dong Ping return to his farm alone.

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