Evil wizard Dire flame

Evil wizard using Dire Flame

Dire Flame is a solid choice, and can be used as a primary form of attack. The combo projectiles are the fastest, and the power attack is the most damaging of the four magic styles. The power attack also knocks targets back with an area of effect, and so can be used to keep opponents out of melee range. On the downside, the power attack takes notoriously long to charge properly, and almost all enemies are quick enough to move out of the way by the time it's ready. It is also aburdly easy to interrupt. 

Magic School

Speed: High
Power: Low
Defense: Low

Obtaining StyleEdit

Location #1 Two Rivers Spirit Cave - Taught by Water Dragon's spirit if you choose "Fire".

Location #2 Lotus Assassin Fortress - Purchased from Merchant Kia Jong

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Practitioners of Dire Flame can throw bolts of fire, project explosive fireballs, and even summon dragon-like burning constructs that immolate enemies with tongues of flame. Sometimes the sight of a fighter wielding the power of flame is enough to reduce the bravest of opponents to begging for mercy.

Special Attack EffectsEdit

Power Attack - A large bolt of flame flies at an opponent that explodes on contact, doing damage to surrounding enemies.

Area Attack - A dragon is summoned that breathes fire on enemies in front of you, immolating (which does damage over time) them.


Drains Chi, Area Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo that produces a Health power-up.


Dire Flame was once called "Fire" and this was description: In the Jade Empire, damage is not always done with fist, foot or sword alone. Some fighters, the most skilled, can harness the very energy of their spirit to inflict more damage on their unfortunate opponents. Fire style doles out huge amounts of damage, and opponents are not quick to recover afterwards. Sometimes the sight of a fighter swathed in a halo of flame is enough to reduce the bravest of opponents to begging for mercy.


Jade Empire Dire Flame

Jade Empire Dire Flame