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The Dangers of Demons

The average person is never likely to come across one of these horrific beings. Demons are some of the most dangerous and malevolent beings in all of Jade Empire. Though some demons are not evil, they are all powerful, and rarely can they be trusted. If confronted by a malicious demon, it is important to remember that they are usually immune to magic, especially the larger demons. You can successfully combat them with weapons and simple martial styles. Strangely enough, on those rare occasions when demons and ghosts were seen to tangle the strange magics used by the ghosts seem to affect these malevolent beasts."
Jade Empire Bestiary, Volume 4, scrollstand located in the Pirate Workshop, within the Pirate Stronghold, off the coast of Tien's Landing.

Demons are powerful entities in Jade Empire. They can be malevolent or benign. Demons often take on characteristics of animals and are named for such association.

Many demons, when defeated, teach the Player a transformation style showing them how to take that demon's form and use some of its powers.

Types of demons

Elephant Demon
Horse Demon
Rat Demon
Rhino Demon
Toad Demon
Bull Demon
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The Mother
Chai Ka