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What am I going to do? Oh dear. Not enough. Just not enough".

–Debtor, talking to himself

The villager referred to as Debtor, true name unknown, occasionally came into Two Rivers to do business. While in town, he came to the beach to think about his problems. He spoke Tho Fan and possessed a strong sense of honor.

A Serious Creditor

Gao the Greater

"It is no more than the price of a small pig, but Gao the Greater takes his debts very seriously".

Sometime before or during the bandit attack on Two Rivers, he took out a loan from a man who worked for Gao the Greater. The sum, a total of twenty silver, was more than he could make from selling his wares in town. When the man began to pressure Debtor to pay back the debt, he became agitated and began worrying on the beach standing, ironically, near a small tunnel where the bandit's had stored their loot. While thinking to himself, he was approached by the Player (Quest: An Unfortunate Debt).

Turn of Fate

If the Player encouraged Debtor to solve the problem himself:

"You told me I should *do* something, student. Well, my new friends have given me an easy way to pay Gao the Greater back!"
–Debtor, spoken to the Player
Debtor joined a group of Gao the Greater's men, tasked with protecting Gao's son. After Gao the Lesser kidnapped Dawn Star, he and the men were left behind to ambush anyone following their master's son. He was killed by the Player when the group attacked him/her.

If the player convinced Debtor to take money from him/her:

"That seems close to begging and the spirits of my ancestors would be shamed if they thought I as doing that."
Debtor had a strong sense of honor and wished to please the spirits of his ancestors. When the Player initially offered him money, he refused. After some convincing, however, he took 20 silver from the Player and promised to pay it back, then he left the beach heading east. It is unknown if he survived the attack on Two Rivers by Gao the Greater's flyers and the Lotus Assassins.