"I travel around the countryside putting on acts and sometimes teaching people a few tricks. Hey, now that I think of it, you're a warrior, right? I may not be putting on any shows here, but I could teach you a few techniques to improve your balance and speed if you're interested".
–Darting Lynx to the Player

Darting Lynx was a traveling acrobat who became trapped in Tien's Landing after the Great Dam was opened.

"Darting Lynx" was actually a stage name she acquired when she first started practicing acrobatics. When she was young, her master felt she was too fast for her own good. He would say: "You dart like a lynx, but you balance like a drunken frog!" The nickname stuck even after Darting Lynx learned to slow her movements and truly focus on her actions.

Training and GemsEdit

Darting Lynx was capable of teaching the Player several techniques and sold some essence gems as well. Prices are in parentheses.


Voiced by Danielle Judovits

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