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An inactive Clay Golem

"A Thought on Golems

Until recently, very little was known about golems; those few people skilled enough to craft golems keep their secrets carefully. Powerful and deadly foes, golems are feared throughout the Empire. Though their workings remain a mystery, there are several useful characteristics worth nothing about these formidable opponents. These man-made beasts are immune to most types of magic. Their solid exteriors are best attacked with equally strong forces. Weapons and strength are the best ways to defeat these dangerous adversaries."
Jade Empire Bestiary, Volume 2, scroll stand located within the Lotus Assassin Fortress, in the Golem Press Room.

Clay Golems are inferior to the commanding Jade Golems, but are efficient as armies and soldiers to follow under Jade Golems. The Player character first encounters Clay Golems at the entrance to the Great Dam near Tien's Landing where the Player must give the right code to enter, if not the golems will attack. The Player again encounters them in Imperial Arena as the test for Imperial Army. The Player in the Lotus Assassin Fortress and has to fight a few along the way and also whilst escaping. Clay Golems can be defeated through the use of Weapon styles, as they are immune to most other attacks. They can, also, be damaged by Spirit Thief in Chi strike mode. Clay Golems are created by using the Golem Press. All that is needed to do is select "Clay Golem" and then create. They are lifeless husks until given a spirit shard and can act on will alone.

The Hall of Induction is lined with many inactive Clay Golems. They appear to be humanoid and flaming.


Immune to support styles, magic styles and martial styles.