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Wherein the fall of Dirge is detailed,,
The woman in black speaks of Death's Hand,
And Gao the Greater learns the fate of his son.

Two Rivers is in ruins, and Master Li has been taken captive. It appears this attack was carefully orchestrated and the shadowy forces have taken interest in you and those around you. Leaving your home of twenty years, you set out after Death's Hand and his Lotus Assassins, intent on discovering the reasons behind this assault
-Opening text of Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is the first of the two most open chapters in Jade Empire, stretching from the crash landing of the Spirit Monk's party at the Dam Site of Tien's Landing to the eventual journey to the Imperial City after, possibly, resolving the situation of Tien's Landing

The environment of Chapter 2 is massive, being all of Tien's Landing and the surrounding areas. Black Whirlwind, Henpecked Hou, Kang the Mad, Sky, and Chai Ka all become followers in this chapter.

To find a flyer and a wind map to the Imperial City, the player must complete the following quests, respectively:

To gain the Inscrutable Power Source needed for the flyer's journey to the Imperial City, the player must complete The Great Dam, up to the point of meeting Wild Flower and Chai Ka. To complete the rest of the quest is optional.

There is also the matter of discovering more of your past, which is discussed in the main quest, Hui the Brave.

Side quests: