Jade Empire Wiki
Wherein a Master foretells of doom,
A rival challenges for station,
And the past haunts the present.

Your training nears its completion in the idyllic setting of Two Rivers. Master Li promises that soon you will know more about how you came here and where your future will lead. All the while, strange tales begin to spread of ghosts that will not rest and shadowy assassins who heed no law
-Opening text of Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is the beginning of the story of Jade Empire, stretching from character creation to the destruction of Two Rivers Village and Training Academy by Gao the Greater and the capture of Master Li.

The Gao family, a primary antagonist group in the early part of the game, is first met and Dawn Star and Sagacious Zu, two followers, are gained.

On a technical level, the player is given tutorials on major game functions, navigation, and combat. The Dragon Amulet is gained as a way to upgrade the player character's skills.

Main story quests: