Chai Ka is the Heavenly Gate Guardian. He was met at the dam site with his host, Wild Flower, and fought the Player. He says he was summoned by some higher power to protect his piece of the Dragon Amulet, until some day the right person came along to claim it. If his help is accepted he aids the Spirit Monk meant to face the person holding the Water Dragon's power hostage. Hosted by Wild Flower. The Player may converse with Chai Ka through Wild Flower during chapter 2 and chapter 3.


Towering twice as tall as a human, Chai Ka is a bestial demon who stands on two legs. His upper body is very strong and has long taloned arms. His face is bestial, almost lion-like in appearance but with feather like sideburns and eyebrows and two goat like horns protruding from the top of his head and one more horn protruding from his chin. His coloring is mostly white with darker accents and he also has feathers protruding from his shoulders.

Immunities Edit

Immune to magic styles and support styles.


Chai Ka statue
Early Chai Ka
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