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The Water Dragon, a member of the Celestial Bureaucracy

"I hear they have ageless courtesans in heaven. That's probably why the Celestial Bureaucracy's so inefficient".

The Celestial Bureaucracy was the pantheon of gods and spirits that dwelled in the heavens and governed the cosmos. Each part of existence was managed by a specialized attendant. Just as cities of the Jade Empire had many officials, the Celestial Bureaucracy contained many entities and the facets of existence were delegated amongst them. When things went wrong in the mortal realm, at least some of the time, it was because someone in the Celestial Bureaucracy had neglected or failed their duties. Most members of the Celelstial Bureaucracy appeared to have little influence, but some, like the Water Dragon, had a portfolio that granted exceptional status.

The Celestial Bureaucracy had no power over creatures that lived outside of its influence. In practical terms, this refers to creatures that exist outside the traditional understanding of reality itself. Such creatures rarely penetrate reality, so only the highest-ranking of Celestial Bureaucrats even know they exist.

Extraordinary mortals were occasionally granted godhood and a place in the Celestial Bureaucracy to preserve their genius forever.

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