"I've already dealt with the last shipment of slaves and with that damned Prefect Jitong poking into our affairs we have to be extra cautious".
–Cao Zeng

Slave TradingEdit

Cao Zeng was a slave trader and linked to the quest given by Prefect Jitong entitled "The Slave Traders".

The MeetingEdit

"Zi Bao! What is the meaning of this? Summoning me to this place was bad enough; you know I can't stand the stench of these beasts".
–Cao Zeng to Zi Bao

By speaking to Zi Bao, you are able to either persuade him to take you to the slave traders or merely follow him there. When you arrive in the Creature Pens below the Imperial Arena, Cao Zeng will demand to know why Zi Bao summoned him there, followed by a complaint about the smell. He will then notice you and ask who you are. Not matter what response you give, he will order Zi Bao and the three other slavers present to attack you.

After the fight, he will realize your talents and offer to pay you a generous amount of silver if you help him incriminate Scholar Songtao, thus freeing Chandler Ling.


Open PalmEdit

If you choose to refuse his offer, Cao Zeng will attack and you will be forced to kill him. When he is defeated, you will automatically recieve the Slaver Documents needed to prove Songtao's innocence. This will earn you Open Palm points, 800 silver pieces and an Aura of Calm essence gem (Only followers of the Way of the Open Palm can use this gem: Body +2, Intimidation +2), and the ability to purchase goods from Songtao's shop in the Scholar's Garden.

Closed FistEdit

However, if you choose to accept his offer, he will present you with the Forged Slaver Documents needed to prove Songtao's guilt falsely. This will earn you Closed Fist points and a Gem of Seductive Power (Only followers of the Way of the Closed Fist can use this gem: Chi +2, Charm +2). A reward of 500 silver and the ability to purchase discounted goods is promised for when you visit Chandler Ling in the Golden Way.


Cao Zeng's fate depends on your choice to either refuse his offer and kill him or accept his offer and join him. His proper fate is unknown if you choose to join him, but he most likely lived on, trading slaves and working as he did before.


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