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From left to right: Two normal cannibals and a more intelligent cannibal capable of using magic

"Individually, [the] cannibals are not exceptionally strong or skilled, but they are fast, and they attack in groups".
Forest Shadow

Cannibals were servants of the Mother, an ancient and powerful demon who dwelt within the Great Southern Forest. Each cannibal was once a man who, through the Mother's teachings, learned to gain power from eating human flesh.

More intelligent cannibals were taught different forms of magic from the Mother, such as the ability to create illusions and disguise themselves as humans.

Cannibals who acted as handlers were able to command groups of Rat Demons to do their bidding.

To prepare their meals, the cannibals used recipes from "Cannibal Cookbook, Volume 1" which possibly included several volumes.

Ancient Enemy[]

"Under a demon's influence, men can twist into these things. They are cannibals and we are in danger. Don't underestimate their strength!"
Sagacious Zu, upon seeing the cannibal's true form

The cannibals helped the Mother fight against the Forest Shadow, a powerful fox spirit who acted as the Mother's light counterpart and enemy. When the Mother first tried to take over the forest, the cannibals became targets of the Forest Shadow. They were also cut off from the rest of the world as the Forest Shadow destroyed the paths in and out of the forest. When the Forest Shadow defeated the Mother by burning the forest, the cannibals are assumed to have also died in those flames.


Second Rising[]

The Mother awoke a second time and again taught men the cannibal ways. The first man she reached and taught was the innkeeper at the Pilgrim's Rest Inn, an inn in the Great Southern Forest and one day's travel from Tien's Landing. The Pilgrim's Rest became a base for the growing number of cannibals and they worked tirelessly to free the Mother from her underground imprisonment. They dug countless tunnels underneath the Pilgrim's Rest where they could store humans for food, convert other humans into cannibals and reach the Mother.

The Forest Shadow recognized cannibals on sight, so the cannibal leader - the innkeeper - sought help from the Player.

Fate of a Race[]

Depending on the choice made by the Player, the cannibals were either completely eliminated for good, along with their master or were left to flourish in the forest with the Mother freed.

Cannibals dispose body of Lucky Cho

The Player also encounter them in Imperial Arena where he/she fights group of cannibals. Also, Kai Lan the Serpent release them to dispose the body of Lucky Cho whom is killed by Black Whirlwind and the Player.