Bull Demon - The Minion of Suffering

Bull Demons are the apex subspecies among the Demons encountered in Jade Empire. They are encountered late-game, in both Dirge and the second trip to the Emperor's Palace. Almost without exception, Bull Demons are the most evil, treacherous and powerful of Demons, and are feared even by other demons.


Bull demons are grotesque creatures, taller and more massive than a human. It boasts two hideous bull-like heads atop its monstrous body, though these heads are conjoined at the temples. Each separate head boasts a distinct face, with two eyes, a nose and a fanged mouth; because of the way the heads are joined, however, each has only a single horn. Where the heads join, at the "crown" of the combined head structure, is a single demonic eye.

Although the game's description hints at more than one Bull Demon, the Player technically enconters just one single specimen -- The Minion of Suffering -- and later fights two stone replicas of the same when returing to the Emperor's palace. Another bull demon can be fought by fiddling with the equipment in Lord Lao's Furnace, though this encounter is both optional and random.

In GameEdit

In battle, a Bull Demon fights with similar tactics as other large demon foes. To make up for its sluggish speed, the beast fires bolts of energy which cause the shock status effect.

Most of the Bull Demon's main attacks depend upon the Player's distance: if the Player is out of reach, it will fire bolts and use ranged shock attacks; if within melee range, it will swing its claws at the Player.

As with other durable enemies, the Jade Golem is a suitable choice to fight it, though swift and/or power-based weapons (such as Dual Axes) will take them down just as quickly.

Immunities Edit

Immune to support styles and magic styles.