With the recent opening of the Dam and subsequent draining of the vast rivers that surround and run throughout Tien's Landing, the Boathouse has now become redundant to sailors and fisherman alike. A large building stretching out into river just off Tien's Landing's Western shore, the wooden building is, like many of its kind spread across the town, an example of the serious affect any change in the town's core industry will have, as it is now headquarters to Ai Ling and her group of thugs.

The entrance to the boathouse is of somewhat different design, harking back to more prosperous times of the building and its industry. A small jar containing a handful of silver can be found here, as can one of the numerous Scrollstands found across the Jade Empire. The main floor of the Boat House is where Ai Ling and her thugs reside, and the stairs to the Office are located in its far right corner. Accessible by a key found by breaking one of the jars, the office houses a large closet and its own set of jars, as well as a book stand. The lower rung of stairs leads to the in-house docks, with the fishing boats now bone dry and housed on racks above the now-waterless sand banks.