Baker Bei is a baker who lives in Tien's Landing. His eventual fate is decided by the Player.

Early LifeEdit

As a child Bei was really good friends with Ai Ling. At some point in his life after Ai Ling was picked on by the other boys and while they both were catching fish Bei promised to marry her.

At another point in his childhood Ai Ling took Bei's frog and after he called her mean she said that she would never talk to him again. At the end of the day she apologised to him, returned his frog, and said she would never make him unhappy again. These events however were just childhood memories that were shortly brought up.

Arrival of the PlayerEdit

After arriving in Tiens Landing Seamstress Lan asks the Player to rescue Bei from the thugs that attack him every night. After dispatching the attacking thugs Bei tells the Player about Ai Ling in the Boathouse and about the beatings. If the Player goes to see her, Ai Ling tells the Player that Bei is being beaten because he promised to marry her but is now marrying Lan.

Ai Ling summons Bei and Lan to the Boathouse and what happens after that is decided by the Player. Either Bei marries Ai Ling, Ai Ling stops sending thugs to beat Bei and he marries Lan or Ai Ling kills Lan then Bei and then the Player kills everyone in the entire Boathouse.

An alternative to the above is that the Player goes to see Lan and tells her that Bei promised to marry Ai Ling and she leaves him as a result.