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Bai the Outcrier is a resident of the Imperial City. He is found in the Market District and is the first person the Player will have the opportunity to speak to after the events of their arrival. If approached, he says that it would be "an honor to say that I aided someone who was greeted by Princess Sun Lian herself!"

Bai is responsible for welcoming new arrivals to the city and helping them orientate themselves. If asked, he will give the Player a brief descriptions of the various places they can go in the Imperial City, such as the Golden Way, the Scholar's Garden, the Imperial Arena, the Necropolis and the Black Leopard School. If Player can convince him, he will also mention that the Lotus Assassins seem to have a base hidden somewhere in the Necropolis, but does not want to talk further about the matter.

Bai will also tell them about various things which are currently happening in the city, mentioning Captain Sen's bounties, the search for arena fighters, the outlander in the Scholar's Garden, the feuding masters at the Black Leopard School, and the upcoming play in the Golden Way.